Tips on how to navigate this website

The Olin Business School CFAR Ranking of financial research was designed to be a flexible tool that would allow users to rank finance schools according to customizable parameters.

By default, the ranking uses the whole sample period (starting in 2000), the complete list of journals and sorts universities by per capita over the selected period. But all of these parameters can be customized:

1. Choosing the relevant journals

The user can choose which journals to include from a list of 20 journals across four categories. These categories are Finance, Economics, Accounting and General Business. The user can choose to include/exclude a whole category by unchecking the box next to the journal category (for example, include only finance journals), or choose a customized list of journals by checking/unchecking each journal name.

        2. Ranking metric

By default, the ranking ranks schools using their per capita output during the period. But the user can choose to rank schools according to the total output of each school by selecting that option.

Note: Once the ranking is generated, the user can click on the "Total" and "Per Capita" columns to change the sorting option.

3. Choosing the relevant time period

The user can choose which time period to use when constructing the ranking (for example, 2010-2017).

4. Range of the ranking

The website allows the user to select the range of the ranking (how many schools to list). The options are the top 25, top 50, top 100 and all schools.

5. Generating the ranking

Once the user has selected all the parameters previously described, clicking on the button “Apply Filter” will generate the customized ranking.

6. Search for a particular school

Once the ranking is generated, the user can search for a particular school either by scrolling through the ranking, or by using the search box.

7. Saving the ranking

The website offers the option to export the ranking onto a .pdf document. To do that, click on the link below the ranking (bottom right corner of the website).